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What are some of the most favorite retailers to visit?

The Old HR Hirt Building on Riopelle St. to experience that true old turn of the century charm. Eastern Market

Does Eastern Market have an office building, where is the main headquarters?

Corner of Russel & Wilkins St.

What exactly is Flower Day?

FLOWER DAY is a festive occasion, of buying plants in an open air market that consist of five Sheds. It is a special annual tradition that mark's the beginning of the flower gardening season for many gardeners living in and around Michigan.

What are Eastern Market's official Saturday hours?

Saturday 6AM-4PM
Sunday 10AM-4PM
Actually flower shoppers start to arrive as early as 4AM

Are Saturday Markets bigger than Flower Day?

No, but Saturday’s provide several weekends of Garden Flower Sales and the chance to get the best flower deals, discounts and bargains—hundreds of farmers and growers.

Where is Eastern Market located?

East Market Detroit – Downtown
East of I-75, South of Mack Ave, North of Gratiot St.
East of Ford Field Stadium (Across the bridge)

Can I visit pre-market before regular opening hours?

Yes! Some flower vendors are setting up as early as 4AM. Yes, you can also make wholesale purchases.

Why do some people go to the Eastern Market?

It is an annual tradition to greet and mingle with large crowds and the chance to do some unique variety shopping.

What are the basics of good negotiations at the market?

Genuine compliments and a smile establish the quickest rapport when buying something. To get those beautiful hanging baskets, frantically search your wallet/purse in search of more money. Vendors typically let you slide if only a few bucks short :)

Why is Eastern Market such a unique and interesting place for flower shopping?

Inventory changes day,
• Prices are negotiable,
• Excitement fills the air.

What days are Eastern Market Open?

All summer, open seven days a week.

Does Eastern Market accept credit cards?

Most retail stores process credit cards. However, 99% of flower grower vendors are cash transactions.

Can I use my credit card on Flower Day?

Most transactions are in cash. You might find a few vendors accepting credit cards.

Is Eastern Market right for you?

If you enjoy thongs of shoppers, finding bargains and looking for flowers, then this is the place to do your flower buying.

Is Detroit Eastern Market open?

Yes, the market has never shut down, even during the pandemic.All event functions are back to normal as of 2022.

Is Eastern Market indoor?

There are four large protected indoor sturcture called Sheds. Learn more details about Sheds here... History of the Detroit Eastern Market beginnings

Is Detroit Eastern Market open?

Every Saturday weekend, the market is bustling with buying and selling–from food, coffee, spices, jewelry.

Does Eastern Market collect a sales tax on purchases on Flower Day?

No. Never in the past 120 years.

Are products sold at the market organic?

Some are organic, and others are not. You must inquire of each farmer you buy from. They are independant growers renting vendor stalls.

I saw a product that I want to get later. How do I find the vendor?

Get the stall number and check with the market master in the main headquarters building–located at the corner of Wilkins and Russell.

Does the Market still take place in bad weather?

Yes, the market is always open all summer long with a couple of flower vendors in Shed 6 24-7. Bad weather means slow foot traffic which can translate into deal making opportunity.

Things vendors won’t tell you?

This may not be their finest merchandise, you’re not necessarily getting their best product. Why? Because some vendors use Eastern Market as a clearing house and retail the best products at their local retail greenhouse nursery.

Is Eastern Market having Flower Day this year?

Yes, it is back to normal, the traditional Sunday “one day” event.

Is it okay to bargain?

Most certainly, conduct all negotiations in good spirit.

How big is the Eastern Market?

Approximately 15 acres–including all retails and wholesale structures. However, flower sheds occupy appx 160K square feet under the five sheds-2 through 6.

What does the Eastern Market sell?

From textile goods–tshits & hats, bakes goods & pies, seafood, fresh meats, nuts, fresh vegetables & 101 things more.

Is the Eastern Market open in winter?

Yes, most all indoor retailers are open year round and outdoor seasonal vendors sell Christmas Trees starting at Thanksgiving, Nov-Dec months.

Foods at Eastern Market?

Dry goods, snacks, meats–Gratiot Meat Market, bakeries, cheeses & wines, turn of the century grocery stores, restaurants–from corned to bbq, deli's & coneys to name a few.

Who Owns Eastern Market?

Managed by Easetrn Market Partnership, and City of Detroit owns the land.


After exiting I-75, how long does it take to enter Eastern Market?

On Flower Day it can take up to one hour to enter the market IF, you arrive around 8AM. Only 5 MIN if you arrive between 5-6AM.

How long to drive to down town Detroit Eastern Market From Suburbs?

It depends on traffic volumn. If 9-10AM-ish, drive time could be a couple hours. If heading downtown around 5AM, 30-40 min.

What’s the best way to enter eastern market from the I75 freeway?

Keep straight across Mack, make the first left turn–you’ll save hours.

How long does it take to walk the Eastern Market?

Starting at SHED 2 walking to SHED 6, approximately 10 minutes.

How long does it take to shop for flowers at Eastern Market?

If you are a fast walker, know what products you want, know where to go and how to park close by your preferred vendors, 20-30 minutes in & out.


How long does it take to find a parking space?

A little as 5-10 minutes even on Flower Day–vehicles are constantly coming and going.

Where are the most desirable parking spaces?

Corner of Wilkins and Riopelle–big parking lot right across the street from the Market.

What can go wrong at Flower Day Eastern Market?

You can potentially get blocked in a parking lot and held hostage for hours.

Does Eastern Market offer free parking?

Along all major streets and side streets, couple of large free parking lots.

How crowded is Eastern Market during week days?

Light shopping, very small crowds Monday-Friday during the week.


When is Eastern Market Flower Day 2023?

Sunday, May 21st.
Bookmark to follow the countdown here...Countdown Timer Clock

How crowded is Eastern Market on Flower Day?

* Flower Day – Estimated – 200,000-250,000 • Saturday Visitors – 30-000-50,000

What time does the Market open?

Actually, shoppers start arriving appx 5-6AM.

What’s the best time to Go to Eastern Market on Flower Day?

Best time to shop is 5-6AM.

How many vendors are at Eastern Market on Flower Day?

Vendors and Growers average 150-200.

What types of flower & bedding plant inventory will growers be selling?

Every gardening flower you can think of, a grower might bring it to market.

How do I maintain flowers in their best conditions?

Water and fertilize as soon as you get them home.

Is help provided to get my flowers to my car?

Some growers provide free help to transport your flowers to your car.

Are flower carts available for rent?

Yes, appx $10 hr. Look for purple tents or carts.

What is the average price of hanging baskets?

Average price is $10, has changed little over 20 years.

Is it better to visit Eastern Market on weekends or weekdays?

If you are looking for large crowds and massive inventory, then Saturday’s wins the contest. However, Weekdays are less dense with shoppers.

What’s the best day to go visit the Eastern Market to flower shop?

Saturday’s, early in the morning.

What are some good Eastern Market flower day tips?

Plan to arrive early to get the best parking spot and best flower selection. There are lots of negotiating tips and stories here...
Flower Day Tips

What questions should you ask a grower to keep your blooming hanging baskets looking greehouse beautiful all summer long?

Here are five questions:
1 What fertilizer are you using to grow these hanging baskets?
2 What are optimal sun-share requirements?
3 How do I overwinter the hanging basket indoors for next summer?
4 Should I take care to direct water the soil, and not get the blooms wet?
5 Should I protect the blooms from harsh rain and wind?

What’s the best way to shop on Flower Day?

Park near your shopping destination or vendor. This provides the advantage of a short walk back and forth to your vehicle.

Is Eastern Market cash & carry Only?

Most all flower purchases are cash & carry. Other traditional retail shops provide multiple buying options.

Are there any Eastern Market coupons?

Each vendor is independently owned. Some retail merchants occasionally offer coupons.

Does the products vendors offer quality and guaranteed?

Each vendor has their own return policy. Most will gladly refund or exchange.

Can I trust these growers and vendors, what is the Eastern Market reputation?

Most growers and retailers are honest. However, “buyer beware”, is still the best policy.

What is the better way to shop the market on Flower Day?

Know what you are looking for, start at one end and speed walk through each Shed marking your potential merchandise. Then as you walk back to your car, buy everything you identified.

Have you ever got a bad experience at Flower Day?

An entire rack of bedding plant just purchased, tipped over after hitting a large street crack.

The number one thing to check before purchasing garden flowers at Eastern Market or any other nursery?

Flat count–how many actually plants in the flat. Flats look the same size, but have different plant count.

What are 3 reasons to not buy bedding plants?

If you run hand over top of plants, and blooms pop-off, don't buy.
• Check bottom of plant stems, if they are black, don’t buy.
• Check for small bugs(red or white)–if found, don’t buy.

What is the main thing I should know before going to Flower Day?

Go the early, the early the better. 5AM is prime time: good, parking and fresh merchandise.

Why do some vendors give better deals than others?

Supply! If what they are selling is in big demand they know they can sellout and get top dollar before end of day.

What insights can I gain from observing a vendors flower display?

If there is still a lot of inventory by end-of-day, the vendor might be motivated to discount the merchandise.

What are the best bargaining techniques when buying flowers at Eastern Market?

Never insult to try and get a better deal. Simply ask if you can buy the product for a few dollars less. Typically if you are dealing with the owner, they generally go for it.

What is the fastest way to enter the market on Flower Day?

See the Eastern Market FAST vs SLOW entry map… Click here

What are some of the biggest challenges facing customers on Flower Day?

Parking, then getting blocked in.
• Navigating thousands of shoppers.
• Getting flowers back to the car.
• High prices.

What should you plan to take with you on Flower Day?

• Extra gloves and jacket-it has been known to get some snow flurries on flower day. • Snack–breakfast bars for kids. • Wear some comfortable good walking shoes. • Tip money for street performers–they to a great job to generate the Eastern Market's festival atmosphere. • Cash is king.

What should first time visitors expect?

First time visitors to the Flower Day event might find themselves overwhelmed trying to navigate crowds of 200,000 shoppers, especially if you go mid-day when visitors are at its peak.

Does Eastern Market generally have good prices on plants compared to big box stores and local nurseries?

At the first of the flower season, are about the same. However, as early as mid-June, Eastern Market prices are about half of what you find at local retailers.

Why do some people choose to shop at Eastern Market over local retailers?

Price, variety, massive inventory–can always find something to fit the budget.

Who has the better plants Eastern Market of local nurseries?

Eastern Market. Flowers fresh off the truck, straight from the greenhouse can't be beat.

What else is there to do in the area?

In addition to flower shopping, there are numerous shops along the surrounding streets. Explore the historic Riopelle street retails: wine, cheese, and other novelties are all within a short walk.

What do I need to bring, can I rent a wagons or rent flower carts at Eastern Market?

You can rent flower carts to transport your purchases to your vehicle.

Are there public bathrooms?

There are a couple of public restrooms in Eastern Market–corner of Russel and Alfred.

Where can I get coffee?

There are also numerous bakeries, cafes, coffee vendors, and restaurants in the market offering fresh brewed coffee.


What are some realistic ways to get the best Flower Day deals?

Be friendly, shop late evenings, shop during several days of rain or cool weather.

How to improve your customer experience at Eastern Market?

Be cheerful, compliment, and even if you are short a couple bucks, most market retailers will complete the transaction and wave you off with a smile.

Why some shoppers get better deals?

In many cases, without calculated effort on their part, they know how to treat people.

What’s the best day to go visit the Eastern Market to flower shop?

Saturday’s, early in the morning.

What is Eastern Market's return, refund or guarantee policy?

It is practally non-existant. Each grower vendor is independantly operating.

Do greenhouses throw away leftover garden plants?

They dump them by the dumpsters fullz–thousands at end of season.

Why do I like shopping Eastern Market?

Because this is one of the places I can get more bang for my buck.

Where to buy the cheapest flowers, Eastern Market or local retailers?

You never know until you research and compare prices for that given day or product.

Is there even better flower deals on Saturday weekends?

Yes, especially in mid June, if you know how to negotiate, you can get beddings flats for as low as two dollars.

Which is the bset day of the week to get the best flower deals?

Mondays and Wednsdays. These are typically slow low volumes which puts growers in a better deal making mood.

What can I learn right now to lower my flower buying costs?

Compliments supercede insult. Not con-man compliments, genuine compliments of plant beauty.

What are my steps for finding the best flower deal at Eastern Market?

Use any of the following 20 tips found here… Click to Continue
• and 30 more ideas from here… Best Flower Deal Stories

How many flower grower vendor will be at Eastern Market on Flower Day?

There has been as many as 400, generally, it is appx 160.

How long does it take to shop the market for flowers?

It can be as quick as 5 minutes if you drive up to one of the corner growers, buy your flowers and drive off.
• Or, leisurely stroll through each Shed checking flower quality, and price,
• take a break and go have lunch,
• take in more sites and sounds as you head back to your car, buying merchandise,
• some shoppers spend several hours at the market.

How do I get the best flower deal without insulting the farmer?

It can not be overstated, the effectiveness of a friendly exchange. Unless you are dealing with an employee, who must stick to a proce mandated from his employer.

How do you prevent being ripped off at Eastern Market?

I have witnessed cabbage being sold as collards,
• scrupulous growers selling bug infested plants,
• excessive price gouging,
• cutting and stuffing impatiens stems in flats–with no root development,
• these things are rare, so it is best to remain vigilant.

What are some common mistakes first time Eastern Market shoppers make?

Pay first quoted, full asking price for a product without a friendly counter offer ie... "can I get two for?" or "will you take $20 vs $22?"

Why are some prices so high on Flower Day?

It depends on which grower you buy from. Also, some are just vendors renting space, retailing to make a quick buck, and are not greenhouse growers.

What are the biggest challenges facing shopping at the market?

It is a hodge page of business scattered over approximately a seven acre of land area. Also, on really crowded days, finding a close parking spot is difficult.

How do you know when you have a good deal?

By being an educated consumer on price & prodyct, it is no different when shopping at the Eastern Market.

On average, what are flower prices at Eastern Market?

$10 a flat, and $10 for 10” hanging baskets–prices typically match local nursery pricing.

Are the best sales always on Flower Day?

No! Saturdays offer many deal making opportunities.

What is for sale on Flower Day?

Traditional and unique bedding plants, hanging baskets and container arrangements by the millions.

Is it true that Eastern Market sell flowers at only $1 or $2 a flat?

Yes! It depends on the time of season–particularly end of season, June or July. When some growers might be greenhouse clearing.

How do I prepare to visit Eastern Market?

For Flower Day, take cash, bring, your cart or wagon, and good walking shoes.

How is Eastern Market overrated?

It’s been a Detroit tradition for over a hundred years, many shoppers converge from all of Michigan just for that reason–they are not really price shopping.

What’s the biggest hanging basket they sell at Eastern Market?

Some really monsters have shown up over the years, a giant 36 inch combination basket was in Shed 5.

Why are my flats not covering as much bedding area as they use to?

Over the years, cell count has gradually reduced from a typical 48 plants to a flat, down to 36, 18, even only to 12 plants per flat–watch out for the big box store plant count.


What kind of businesses are in Eastern Market?

Both Retail, Commercial and Specialty shops–it's a quiltwork of retailers

How far is Eastern Market from Canada?

Very close, appx 5 miles or a 10 minute drive.


Can you shop Eastern Market at 5 AM?

Yes. Typically wholesale buying.

Can anyone buy wholesale at Eastern Market?

For the most part yes. Some operations require Tax ID or bulk purchases.

What is the Eastern Market known for?

It is known for it's specialty markets, specialty events–such as Flower Day.

It is also a good place to check for, New Garden Flowers.


What vendors are at Eastern Market?

From clothing, spices, baked goods to firewood–there is a vendor for every specialty.


What vendors are at Eastern Market during the Christmas holidays?

Every christmas related item can be found at "the Market" during the holiday season from: ornaments, wreaths, miniture trees, on up to 20 foot trees sizes. All varieties. Important tree freshness inspection tips


An inspirational online art collection that capture years of special moments during Flower Day events. Flower Day Art Prints.

Why are art murals painted on buildings at the Market?

Local artist capture the Historic Spirit of the "D". These art murals are created as a tribute to Detroit Farmer's Market visitors.

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