Eastern Market Tapestry of Merchants

An Evolving Quiltwork of Retailers


Is a conglomerate of shop, stores, restaurants specialty shops and specialty events.

eastern market

There are many different eastern market stores and eateries lining the streets. DOn't worry about parking, there is plenty. There will be thousands of coney's sold, the same is said for breakfast; fresh eggs, bacon, and grits, will get you pumped up into the shopping mix. Bar-B-Que Ribs, chicken, and sausage, visitors from everywhere will converge on Flower Day. Yes...there are many dining places and things to eat; both food and treats. Shoppers are greeted with the smell of spices, and pleasant aromas filling the market air, some pungent while other are savory sweet. Some places you dine in other places you can dine out; rows of tables and chairs along the sidewalks invite you to sit. Rest your hanging baskets or your shopping bags.

flower day

There are lots of places selling refreshments to drink, some strong, some soft, some sweet. There are nuts to buy, coffees to sample, seasonings to smell as you make this one of your favorite days downtown. Then, there is the annual Flower Day event–plenty of inventory for gardening and flower lovers.

Flower Day Season also called "Eastern Market Detroit Flower Day", is one of metro Detroit's most popular summer long gardening & flower events. It is also known as the Detroit Wholesale Flower Market because it supplies many greenhouses and garden center retailers in the early mornings. However, Saturday hours are reserved for the general public to by flowers from area greenhouse flower growers who in turn sell garden flowers from flats, containers and hanging baskets in all six Sheds. Eastern Market Detroit has been a time-honored tradition of since 1967.

It is a smörgåsbord of the meats – There are retail meat stores, wholesale meat stores, meat stores on Russell Street, meat stores on Riopelle Street, meat stores on Gratiot Street across the bridge. Thousand of people buying every kind of meat. Beef and poultry lovers everywhere, come one, come all, small, big, and tall. Gratiot Central Market is a hub for smoked meats, cooked meats, sausages, cold cuts, pork, Bar-B-Que ribs, steaks, fish and yes, even produce; you name it, "they have the meats." Along with a large variety of seafood.

Fresh produce trucked in daily.  "Two for $5, two for $5" shoppers may hear some of the best deals in town echo under the sheds as they stroll when Michigan's produce season begins. Consumers will discover the big, large, and colorful display of a meandering of vegetable and vibrant fruit colors. During this time, the grounds will be covered in a multiple of different fruits & vegetables. In addition to Michigan watermelons, you will find some Texas watermelons, Mississippi watermelons, Alabama watermelons, Georgia watermelons, and in every size & shape; round, oblong and really long. Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine, Butterhead Lettuce,  Spinach, baby spinach and cabbage.  There are bins of tomatoes, cantaloupe, cucumbers, and baskets of greens, beans and broccoli.  Vegetables & ProduceThey will be selling turnip & mustard greens, green peas & green-beans. Herbs & Spices, okra and garlic under every Shed. Onions, peppers, potatoes and squash. "The magic of the market" starts this summer and extends into the fall for the fruits & vegetablesseason.

Detroit's downtown area expanded rapidly during the early years. By the 1920s the downtown covered a section encompassing Detroit River, the Lodge Freeway, I-75

Historical Map - Library of Congress

Visitors will always find a plethora of vendors every Saturday, in mainly Sheds 2 & 3 and on many streets, but heavily condensed in the Shed 2 areas at the Southern-End of the market.  Add shoppers curiosity to the list of things to see and find such as T-Shirts, sports memorabilia. Colorful and unique gifts are found for that special day or special someone such as custom bottle openers.  Vendors will “boom” in crafts, jewelry, antiques, art, collectibles and many custom handmade products. This is a relaxing way to spend a weekend. There is always some live entertainment from freelance street performers to heighten the open-air festival atmosphere.

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