Eastern Market Flats and Plant Count

Flat Size vs Plant Count

How To Get The Most Plants When Buying Annuals

Michigan Home & Garden: How Some Vigilant Gardeners Get Twice as Many Flowers for the Same Price, by Checking Plant Count!

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March 23, 2021, 11:47 GMT



How Many Flowers Are in A Flat of Annuals?

Now that spring has arrived, and Michigan gardeners start to prepare their flower beds for summer gardening, this is an important question they should be asking themselves when mapping their gardens and calculating the amount of flower flats to purchase each year.

The typical gardener is unaware of the numerous flower flats and tray sizes being sold by garden centers, big box stores, Detroit Eastern Market, and greenhouses all over Michigan. Finding the best flower deal can be achieved by double checking your flats plant count. 
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Plant Count Has Reduced, Buyer's Beware–
But, the actual number of plants in the flats have reduced. Often the consumer does not discover the reduction until after they have planted all the flowers and have mysteriously come up short–then must return to the nursery to purchase more plants.

Eastern Market Flats and Plant Count

The plant count has slowly decreased down from 48 plants to: 36, 18, 12 etc.. The good news is, some greenhouse growers still grow a 48-plant count flat. You simply need to check the flat plant capacity before you buy–the easiest way is to count the cells up & across then multiply to get the total number of flowers in the flat. (EMFBG Infographic)

Container Sizes Adds Confusion–

Eighteen squares or three cells? This can be a little confusing at times because of the large variety of different flats, cells, pots sizes that have flooded the market. The larger cells where designed to grow larger plants with a more established root system. But, this has introduced even more confusion because in some cases, the plants being sold are not actually developed enough to fill the larger cell size. So you, the consumer is paying for extra dirt and a lager pot size.


There are multiple methods Michigan gardeners are utilizing to become more aware of changing flower market trends, and how these general horticultural industry market changes impact their gardening habits. Eastern Market Flower Day

FYI– What is a flat? The black plastic tray–they are divided to hold different numbers of plants. What is a tray? A group of cells–some flats hold 1, 3, 4, and 6 plants to a tray. What is a cell? A single unit in a tray.

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